Animal Communication Reviews

Always listen to your horse

I would like to thank you Christina for your kindness and help with my mare recently. Her aggression and unpredictable behaviour had become extreme and she faced an uncertain future. With… Read more “Always listen to your horse”

Horse lover

Andre Burki

so genuine … I see and feel the selfless urge to make a difference that makes a difference – for animals and us humans becoming more… Read more “Andre Burki”

Andre Burki

My friends think I am crazy. But you know what, it worked!!!!

Hi My name is Michelle and I have a beautiful Rottiweiler named Cruz. I travel a lot and this year poor Cruz was left with house sitters and a dog… Read more “My friends think I am crazy. But you know what, it worked!!!!”

Michelle Kinsella, Cruz ​Bali, Indonesia

Traumarbeit und Heilung: Diamante

19 j. Paso Peruano Hengst “Mein Pferd hat seit 10 Jahren, als er einen schweren Unfall erlitten hatte, Probleme mit seinen Hinterbeinen. Viele Therapien und Behandlungen haben geholfen, und zwischenzeitlich gute… Read more “Traumarbeit und Heilung: Diamante”

Esther U. Sommer, Schweiz
Paso website

From Hawaii to Germany

We met Christina in September of 2018 in Indonesia and felt an immediate connection with her.  As we became more acquainted, we shared with her some issues we were having… Read more “From Hawaii to Germany”

Wayne and Mary Wiesbaden, Germany
Animals are loyal and lving
Andrea, WA, Australia

Vicky Williamson

I am very honoured to have met such a beautiful caring lady Christina who has taken me through an incredible journey of communicating with animals. I first attended Level 1… Read more “Vicky Williamson”

Vicky Williamson

Testimonial from the A Team

I believe it was the donkeys guiding me as I took to researching Animal Communicators. Again and again Christina’s warmth and beautiful loving light touched me. It was like she… Read more “Testimonial from the A Team”

Love from Alfie, Amor, Astro and Andrea Geraldton, Australia

The truth was expressed in his own words

Thank you so much for taking the time and respect to do your session with Leo over the past few days. It was so comforting to receive the feedback that… Read more “The truth was expressed in his own words”

Courtney, Leo, WA, Australia

Teamheiliung: Ken, der Heiler und Christina, die Tierflüsterin

“Unsere Katze ist am 24. April akut erkrankt. Sie zeigte eine Lähmung der hinteren Beine und später auch des linken Vorderbeines. Ich habe Christina um Rat gefragt, darauf hin hat… Read more “Teamheiliung: Ken, der Heiler und Christina, die Tierflüsterin”


All I can say is WOW!

All I can say is wow! Christina was amazing in getting into my little Ruby’s head and getting to the bottom of some concerns I had. The main reason I… Read more “All I can say is WOW!”

Ruby and Dayna Perth, WA

Any doubts in far distance healing?

We live In Switzerland and Christina in Australia. Christina saved our cat already once when she was for a visit in Switzerland last winter. In June this year our cat Sensi… Read more “Any doubts in far distance healing?”

Susanne Basel , Switzerland

Last days with Honey

Until I met you, I had not heard of  “Animal Communication”. ​Now having known you for eight years and having seen your love and dedication to animals, and having seen… Read more “Last days with Honey”

Michelle Wessels, Honey, Summer, South Africa

My boy being scared…

I will start by describing my cute little boy who is a 1 year old British Bulldog from Queensland, WA. So, the issue for which I contacted Christina was due… Read more “My boy being scared…”

Testimonial - my boy being scared
Sheena, Mappy and Sucre

Christina helped us so much

Prince Caspian says: “I love Christina! She has helped me so much. At first I had to check that she was a nice person or else I wouldn’t speak to… Read more “Christina helped us so much”

Prince Caspian, City of Perth

The “Animal Whisperer”

I had the pleasure of meeting Christina Burki in person about four years ago and was touched by her deep love and understanding for animals. Christina has a gentle heart… Read more “The “Animal Whisperer””

Michelle Chapman Wessels, South Africa

Karen Makepeace

Christina has done many sessions for me, and the results are fantastic. Truly a gifted… Read more “Karen Makepeace”

Karen Makepeace

Moglis Geschichte

“Es ist umwerfend und fast unglaublich zugleich! Aber es ist wahr und wunderschön. Mein kleiner Kater Mogli, ein drolliger Britischkurzhaar-Kater war immer sehr verschmust und verspielt und ein echter Sonnenschein bis zu… Read more “Moglis Geschichte”

Sonja, Schweiz

Other side of the world for this communication

I contacted Christina because my horse (Lady) was lame and the vets did not find anything. ​ It was a great decision and I am very thankful for her help.… Read more “Other side of the world for this communication”

Love, Janneke and Lady

Amazed by the effect the MUSIC had on Summer and Shadow

It is with a deep sense of gratitude that I write to you after your recent communication with my Labradors, Summer and Shadow. 2015 was an extremely stressful year for… Read more “Amazed by the effect the MUSIC had on Summer and Shadow”

Michelle Wessels, Shadow and Summer

Kate Dixon

Fascinating. We did sessions with our pack to help us to support them better and not assume. Humbling. Upon reflection it seems that there is so much that we can… Read more “Kate Dixon”

Kate Dixon

Testimonial for the teamwork of Christina and Ken

My cat Merlin had problems with his kidneys and was also in a process of isolation after having gone through the trauma of the departure of my other Persian cat,… Read more “Testimonial for the teamwork of Christina and Ken”

Alana, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alana Messineo

Rafat Ahmed

Christina is truly a gem of a person and so very gifted ! I’d requested her to do sessions and pass on healing to two of my cases in India… Read more “Rafat Ahmed”

Rafat Ahmed

Our much loved anxious aggressive border collie

After bringing home our 8 week puppy from our chosen breeder we never knew exactly what we were in for. Doing all the right things your supposed to do by… Read more “Our much loved anxious aggressive border collie”

Judith & River Australia

Clara Head

Christina Burki is one of the most incredible women I have met. She accepts people and animals, warts and all, and works to bring out their best. She connected with… Read more “Clara Head”

Clara Head

Unsere harmonische Beziehung

“Soeben komme ich von einem wunderbaren Spazierritt mit meiner Stute Shanti zurück und ich bin randvoll mit Glücksgefühlen und einem ganz grossen Staunen über das Wunder, das da in kurzer… Read more “Unsere harmonische Beziehung”


Positive changes feel able and visible between our 3 cats

When our new male cat Buddie arrived to join our two female cats Zsa Zsa and Honey, he was a delight to Honey but not so for Zsa Zsa who… Read more “Positive changes feel able and visible between our 3 cats”

Di, John, Zsa Zsa, Honey and Buddie Australia

From Brisbane to Perth, Australia

Christina has been a huge help to me in the past few months. My beloved dog Splash who was 12 years old passed away quite suddenly and left me heart… Read more “From Brisbane to Perth, Australia”

Tamara Perth, Australia