I had the pleasure of meeting Christina Burki in person about four years ago and was touched by her deep love and understanding for animals. Christina has a gentle heart and is motivated by compassion to reach out to people and animals. In the past four months we have watched two of our precious pets become suddenly very ill and pass away. During this very sad time Christina has offered her advice and encouragement. The manner in which she communicates with both humans and animals is truly amazing. During our darling pets illness and subsequent passing, we followed Christina’s instructions and the results were unbelievable. Despite our pets’ serious conditions, they passed quietly and peacefully. The hole and emptiness in our hearts is very real but we are grateful to Christina for “working her magic” in our time of worry and sadness. The results were amazing. Thank you Christina!

Christina has a gift that enables her to communicate with animals! We’ve all heard of the “horse whisperer”; the “dog whisperer” – well Christina is the “animal whisperer”; and it can be two legged or four legged. They all respond to her. She talks and communicates with them and they respond to her in a manner that words fail to describe. Love is an amazing source of power and it is her deep love that motivates her.

Michelle Chapman Wessels, South Africa