Since 2 days I feel back in flow and in possession of my energy.

I got sick with Covid a week ago. It felt as if I took a huge dive into cold water that left me hot on the outside and shivering on the inside. For 3 days, I only slept and surfed the wave of Covid with courage as I felt my wonderful dog Buddy beside me and my fantastic cat Soraya on the other side.  

They guided me and were with me while I was sick. Having to get up to feed them was actually great to keep me going in my daily life.

Two days ago, I realised that Buddy , our 13 year old Golden Retriever needs action besides being let out in our garden. He is used to going for a walk at least two to three times a day, which we could not do now due to being sick and having to stay in isolation. What a huge difference to be let out only for a wee and the big business ..and nothing more.

This led me to create an exercise course with Buddy, where JOY was the mood and excitement the energy.

I started to call him with excitement and we went on a little tour together through the house. I had treats in my hand and he had to do exercises to get a treat. He has weak hind legs, so I asked him to give me the front paw to strengthen his muscles. As a reward, he got a treat. We went further through all the rooms and I asked him to sit. Then I hid treats and he had to search them and we went further and he did other exercises like roll over from one side to the other.

We did the exercise course for around 10 minutes and then I opened the garden door and threw a couple of treats in the garden and he went filled with JOY into the garden.

This morning, when I started for the first time again with Yoga on the mat, he barked at me and told me please, please let’s go for our exercise course again. He didn’t give up till I gave in and we had a fun time and I will now add that he has to search for me.

Maybe you think and what about your cat, Soraya? She loves that I am in bed more, so she can be closer with me whenever she wants :)!

I share this with you all to show you, that it is not a nightmare when you can’t go out for 1 week with your dog, as long as you have a garden and a little space inside your house or apartment to set up an exercise course for your dog. If your dog is still young, you may want to build in exercises like creeping under chairs or on chairs if allowed and run with your dog when you feel up for it or throw balls or hide them. There are no limits!!

I feel that this is a time of challenge for Buddy and me and we conquered it, together, with JOY!