Animal Communication Retreats

Our retreats will bring you into deep connection with yourself. This allows the deep love within you to open up your gift of understanding animals. In the spiritual beauty and energy of Nannup in the South West of Western Australia you will connect with the peace within you, get pampered and feel great in your body. You will better understand animals and gain a lot of wisdom to take home.

My retreats are open to everyone. Beginners and Animal communicators are very welcome. We will work at a deep personal level. That means each of us goes on his or her unique journey at an individual pace. I will not teach tricks: My goal is to guide you to live your life out of your gifts and inner wisdom. I believe that we are all born with the gift to talk with animals and understand them.

My retreats are a great investment into your selves. You have a week time out for yourself and you can go the steps you are ready to take on your path. I am not a guru type of leader who will tell you only my way is the right way to go. I perceive myself as a guide who will guide you, be with and beside you, hold your space and bring in theory, practice, meditations and exercises to unfold what is within you and to come in deep touch with your unique inner gift.

You can contact me and I will organise a half hour free zoom meeting for you and me, so we can connect and you can ask your questions.