Animal Communication / Animal Connection

“Connection is crucial”.

For me, it is essential to ask the permission of your animal to talk with him or her.

You might want to ask if that’s possible with pictures. Yes, it is. I have over 10 years’ experience communicating with animals and I’m assuring you that I can feel your animal from afar.

Up till now, I’ve had several wonderful and deep going connection and dialogues with different animals.

I always prepare myself before the communication and ask the Universe for guidance. I can tell you that animals have feelings just like humans and they have the wisdom to share with us. You will be touched when you listen to the words of your animal and be amazed at what he or she knows when giving an answer to your questions.

Love is the essence of my personal life and also within my work. I bring in love, acceptance, and respect for every animal and also for you. With love, we can also touch inner wounds. As a psychotherapist for humans, I learned about trauma therapy and I do apply to the animals the same trauma therapy when needed. It is wonderful to feel when the animal can let go and his or her physical and emotional body comes back into a healthy flow.

Awareness is what we can learn from animals and be present. Just to be and have time is essential in the connection and communication with your animal. When I talk with your animal, I’m always in a room where I will not be disturbed and only focus on him or her.

Meditation and music do enrich my communications. Years ago I meditated with a horse and he did swim in healing water and another time lay down on a wonderful green paddock. He had such a wonderful response so I started to give all horses meditations and now I realized all animals love meditations.
Music did enrich a longer guidance by a dog that had ongoing health problems. I started to look for healing music, found it and let him listen to the music and he loved it and felt better. The beauty is that as owners you can also listen to the music and as well share it with each other.

Yes with “each other”, my goal is that; my communications will help you to understand your animal better and know what he or she needs.

During our talk after the communication, I might tell you what you can do to connect deeper and start to communicate with your animal. I already have owners who gave me the feedback on their connections with their animal, “now I can connect so easy and understand him or her”. My desire for you and your animal is for you to understand each other to the fullest and have a deep and ongoing connection!

I love to communicate with your animal! Let his or her words be heard by you. I have met animals who are life teachers for their owners. Like a donkey owner who had big dreams, her 3 donkeys told me to tell her to go for her big dreams and let them get real. And so she does right now!