Animal Communication / Connection Training

Great that you are interested in my Animal Communication Training!

I personally believe that we all were born with the gift to understand animal beings and we lost it by growing up.

My Animal Communication Training will bring you in connection again with your unique gift deep within you. I will guide you first to bring in deep connection with yourself so you can easy open up for your understanding of animal beings.

This training is a wonderful gift into yourself and your connection with animal beings.

Short overview of the three levels of my training

The first level is the Basic training. When you want to learn more, you can go for the advanced Level 2 as well. Level 3 is for the ones of my students who will become Animal communicators themselves.

Level 1

Embrace the deep connection with self to open up for the wisdom and knowledge to connect and communicate with animal beings to understand them. You will at the end of this level connect on a deeper level with animal beings, understand them and you “speak” your unique animal communication language.

Level 2

You learn to give palliative guidance to animals in their last phase of life and to create meditations yourself for the animal beings. Your connection to self, animal beings and communicating with them will reach a deeper and profound level.

Level 3

Fine tuning your connection, own unique animal communication and become the Animal Communicator you deserve to be. This level will bring you in deep connection with the animal beings and deepen your own gift to understand animal beings and their human parents as well.

Please contact me when you have questions.