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Meet Christina Burki – Animal Communicator

Christina Burki meditating in the forrest left

Connected to and with all

Welcome to my webpage I look forward to connect with you and your animal being! Connection is essential to me with human beings, animal beings and nature.

Interconnection is possible when you are truly present in the here and now, focussed on yourself and the other, allow yourself and the other to be and respect each other completely. This is important in human relationships but as well in animal connections and as well nature needs to be valued.

Yes we are ALL ONE, we are ALL connected and I believe that we All were born with the gift to understand animal beings but just did lose our ability due through our stress.

As Gestalt psychotherapist for human beings since 13 yrs I love to bring humans in deep connection with themselves and connect them with their unique sense of life. Both my professions can work hand in hand together. Helping my students of my training and retreats to deeply connect with themselves to open them up to their inner gift and communicate with animal beings. As animal communicator I feel that I am the bridge between animal and human beings, do bodychecks, bring in healing energy , release trauma in animals and human beings and give tailor made meditations guided by sound healing music.

COVID Isolation with animal beings

Since 2 days I feel back in flow and in possession of my energy. I got sick with Covid a week ago. It felt as if I took a huge dive into cold water that left me hot on the outside and shivering on the inside. For 3 days, I only slept and surfed the wave of Covid with...

Article in Nannup Telegraph December 2021

This article was published in the Nannup Telegraph December 2021 edition to highlight the upcoming "Love, Connect and Communicate with Yourself and Animals" retreat in Nannup. Have a read, I hope you enjoy it!

Ambassador for Australia and Member of the WICM Advisor Committee

There are around 11.3 million species on Earth. Each and every living being calls this planet home and has an equal right to live here in safety and peace. Humans — a single species — are treating the planet as if we are the only ones who exist or matter. Our...

I want to honour my Golden Retriever – Buddy

Like you might have seen on my webpage I have 2 dogs Joya, she is 13.5, a wonderful Labrador and Buddy, 8 who is a wonderful Golden Retriever. Joya is starting to get deaf and blind and is really getting elder. Still she enjoys her food and can play like a puppy when...

Changing my focus

Today, Buddy (my dog) and I went for our daily fitness walk in the early morning.I was in a rather undesirable mood as I was in thoughts with a previous workshop I had to cancel, and it was really cold this morning.As we slandered through the parks in our...

Can human beings communicate with animal beings?

Did you hear your first answer ‘NO’that’s not possible?Did your answer 'YES’ right away? I say YES to the question and respect the ones who say NO- that is weird. I can understand your opinion. I am communicating with animal beings since more then 10 years - day in...

Support for Animals in Nepal & India Shelters

I will present as Animal Communicator and Psychotherapist in Nepal at the Asia for Animals Conference 2017, in Kathmandu. I felt the urge not only to talk but to bring support and help to the dogs ,cats and cows and all animals in need there. For me I have a vision...

Donate Here – Animals of Nepal and India need You!

As you know I am busy preparing for my presentation for the 10th "Asia for Animals" conference that will be held in December in Kathmandu, Nepal. The trip for me means more than just a visit to the conference. I want to connect with the animals there and their carers...