As you know I am busy preparing for my presentation for the 10th “Asia for Animals” conference that will be held in December in Kathmandu, Nepal. The trip for me means more than just a visit to the conference. I want to connect with the animals there and their carers .

Besides being there, connect and give them healing energy all for free, I would love to bring them money to bring in financial support. After my trip to Nepal, I will be heading to India to my students from India, giving seminars and will also visit animals in shelters and bring in support in different ways.

In both countries support for animals is urgently needed!

Andrea one of my wonderful students of my animal communication training in Perth, Australia created a fundraising campaign that will raise the beneficial money that I can offer to the local shelters and animal welfare workers. You can get more details about the campaign here. – Donate Here

My vision is to connect humans and animals around the globe. I feel my vision starts in Nepal and India and I will go on in other countries. When we connect deeply even with giving financial support we will grow closer together till it is everywhere normal that animals are joyful. free and safe and in wonderful connection with humans. Our world will be a better place have a look at my video:

As animal communicator I listen daily to animals and can tell you they have feelings like you and me and have a deep wisdom to share with us .I will spend time with these animals, quality time, can pass on healing energy and love to them. As animal communicator I know that animals need our respect and acceptance. They deserve our support and we can give them back their dignity. It would be amazing when I could give so much money to their carers that they can heal and nurture these animals and give also other animals on the street a better future .

Thank you for standing beside the animals, their carer and with me!