Palliative Guidance

Communication with Foster and Nicki

Due to ongoing health issues I have not yet been able to write about my most recent palliative guidance with Foster and Nicki yet. I will add it later on. You can already read Nicki’s testimonial about our time together down below.


“When I first contacted Christina in early December 2021, I told her that my mother’s 14 years old dog Foster is in his last days of his life. Foster suffered from laryngeal paralysis which caused breathing difficulties and a large tumour in his right hindleg. We wanted to understand what is troubling him the most, how we could help with this and if he has any special wishes we could fulfill for him. After Christina’s session with energy healing, Foster’s health improved within 24 hours and he lived another happy 6 months! Christina could also help him with his insomnia and his habit of barking at nigh time. Christina had several sessions with him during this time and we feel so grateful for this experience. We always knew how he felt and what was important to him. Christina was a gift especially for me, as I live in Australia and Foster was back home in Germany. Because of Covid, I could not see him to say goodbye. Christina was also able to assist my mother in the grieving process with beautiful meditation music which made Foster and her very comfortable.

Letting your loved pet move on is a difficult and heartbreaking process. Thanks to Christina everything was easier for all involved and it was a good experience overall Thank you very much, Christina!” – Nicki

Communication with Indi and Jasmine

Since November 2015 till August 2016 I had the honour to communicate with Indi, send him healing energy and did tailor made meditations with him.

I was and still am impressed with the bond Jasmine and Indi had together. Indi was a life teacher special for Jasmine. I was inspired by his wisdom and love. He told me what to pass on to Jasmine and we really got a team all three of us. I asked him always at the end of the communications what he needed from Jasmine and from me and he could let us know in such a clear way.
Thanks to the work with Indi I started to talk at the end of his life with his” unhealthy” 3 organs and asked them what they need and at the day he passed over Indi asks me to thank each organ and say that he is ready to go. His heart said that it wouldn’t stop immediately but would slow down and I felt during the meditation that there came a white light into Indi’s body and felt that his time was there. And Jasmine told me 30 minutes later he went very peacefully in her arms. Incredible was that in the last meditation I did with Indi I told him that soon he is free to fly ..and he looked up to the sky before he died.

For Jasmine and me and also for others he was a love messenger. Where ever he went he spread love even in bars at night sometimes and I felt always love and inner joy when I spoke with him! Indi wanted that Jasmine writes a book about their process and time together and I so agree with Indi. Jasmine started already and when it comes out I will buy it for sure and it will help so many owners to believe, connect and listen to what their animals need.

Special in such moments where the animals don’t feel really well. They can let you know like Indi did what they need and it is wonderful to feel this deeper connection between owner and animal when you respect and give what they need. Indi did teach us to trust and to believe in miracles and yes it was a miracle that he lived a much longer time than expected with his huge enlarged heart and liver. And at the same time it was not a miracle it was Indi who believed and enjoyed his being and our teamwork that supported him in the best way we could.

IndiWhat I used by Indi and what he loved was music therapy and I did start also to do work with his chakras. I myself was so touched by guiding him and supporting him to live in a good way his life and enjoy the most he could. He loved to go to the forest and just be there. Jasmine was amazing and helped him in every way she could and got also so much from Indi.

Thank you so much Jasmine for your trust in me and for this incredible time with you and Indi. Indi I know you are now free of pain and you told me you enjoy and spread now love where you can. When I think of you I feel a big smile !


​I want to start with that Christina is a highly skilled and caring practitioner. I am an acupuncturist and I know it is not easy to find a highly skilled practitioner with a caring heart. Christina is one of the rare practitioner who has both qualities. 
My dog, Indi, had a congestive heart failure since November 2013. After his diagnoses, I studied and tried many alternative modalities for Indi. That search led me to Christina in November 2015. When I talked to her over Skype for the first time, I knew she was the right person to help Indi and me. I could feel her genuine caring and kindness over the computer screen. Not long after our first contact, Indi went to the emergency room and the vet suggested to euthanize Indi just because he had an enlarged heat and liver. So I decided bring Indi home. With Christina’s help Indi recovered and lived another 8 months without much pain or suffering. Christina and Indi had regular communications and it really helped me to understand Indi better. I also feel that the communication helped me to have a deeper connection with Indi. When Indi had a low energy or a digestive issue, I contacted Christina for help.  After Christina’s session, I noticed that Indi seemed to feel much better. 
Indi was called a ‘miracle dog’ by many vets for the last 12 months of his life. His body looked very fragile and showed the seriousness of illness but he enjoyed his life fully. He had a great energy and enjoyed walks to the forest and visited his favorite pet shop every day. With the regular communication with Christina, I was able to help Indi to enjoy his life to its fullest up until the two days before his death.
Indi went out for a nice long walk two days before his passing. He even went to the near by bar area to say hello to people. Everybody who saw Indi commented how bright his eyes were and how happy he looked. The next day, he looked really tired and he lost balance due to the lack of energy which never  happened before. Christina and I both felt the time to say good bye might be close. I stayed with Indi for the next two days and Christina communicated with him frequently for the last 36 hours of his life. Her communication was critical for me to help Indi to pass away peacefully. Indi was weak but no pain. He rested very calmly on my chest the most of the times. Christina’s last communication was 30 minutes before Indi’s passing and she already felt that Indi’s spirit started to leave his body. My hand was on Indi’s heart  and with his last heart beat, he looked at me then the sky and he was gone. His  passing was so peaceful. I never thought I would use the word ‘beautiful’ to describe the death. But Indi’s passing was beautiful. I am still grieving for the loss of Indi but I am so happy that I was able to help Indi to transition to the other world. I know this wouldn’t be possible without Christina.
I learn so much from connecting with Indi through Christina, it literally changed my life. The animal communication is not just for your loving pets. It will also help you to grow and have wiser perspectives through your pet’s eye. And you will have a deeper connection with not only with your pet but also yourself.  I highly recommend Christina!

Jasmine and Indi

In deep honour of Jess

Since July 2014 Janice, Jess and I were in regular contact and I had intense and deep going communications with Jess. Jess was sick, had problems with walking because her back and hind legs were affected and Janice knew when she asked me for a communication that Jess’ life was limited and one day it would come to an end.

It was teamwork between Janice and me and Jess. Jess told me how she feels and what she needs. Janice could tell me what she wanted to know of Jess. Janice fulfilled all the wishes of Jess.

Although Jess was in pain she was totally clear in her answers on my or Janice’s questions and this time with her showed me how aware dogs are about what is going on within themselves and also that they want to be included in the process of saying goodbye to this life.

The bond between Janice and Jess got stronger and stronger over the time and I remember that she wanted to have only eye contact with Janice and they could look at each other and all was said.

She shared so much wisdom and inspiration. She was totally clear in what she needed and what she wanted. During her last month we had daily communications. They were short but like pearls in a shell and I looked forward to them and was touched to feel this incredible love from Jess to Janice and this love back to Jess from Janice. The guidance of Jess was unique and unforgettable. Janice did let Jess have all the time she needed to let go and she could tell her when she is ready to go. We wished that she could have gone naturally ..she told us the day before she said it is ok to go.. who she wanted to be with her when she was put asleep for ever the next day and that she wants to be buried in the ground with a wonderful bush of good smelling flowers above her. So Janice every time she smells and sees the flowers she gets happy and thinks of Jess. She loved Janice so much.

Jess deserves a special place on my page and I asked her if she is ok to be on my page with her picture and she smiled. She told me that she will support me by my animal communications and she did already twice.

I was today at their home and saw Janice for the first time and felt Jess in her house and saw the place where her ashes will be buried and the rosebush is ready to grow and wonderful rose flowers are ready to spend their wonderful odour.

I honour Jess and am full of gratitude for this incredible time and our deep communications and I thank Janice for the honour to guide her and Jess during their intense bonding and saying goodbye time.


I contacted Christina because my beautiful girl was sick and I wanted to know how much pain she was in. Well we got so much more than we could ever have imagined. Due to Christina’s work with Jess (and myself) I have never felt so close to my girl, and I could keep close tabs on how she felt physically and emotionally to help her cope with her symptoms, her thoughts and feelings. Most important of all, JESS chose when it was time for her to go, and this special time was not dictated by other’s judgments, my guess work or the vet’s advice. Jess had peace and was free from anxiety knowing she was in control of her passing. I am so thankful I happened across Christina at this most crucial time, and I will be asking her to communicate with my future housemates so that I can be informed about their wellbeing, and we can be “in touch” physically and mentally.

Janice, Perth.