I will present as Animal Communicator and Psychotherapist in Nepal at the Asia for Animals Conference 2017, in Kathmandu. I felt the urge not only to talk but to bring support and help to the dogs ,cats and cows and all animals in need there.

For me I have a vision that no animals should suffer any longer and that animals and humans will live in deep respect and acceptance of each-other. I want to set steps myself of support and stand beside their wonderful saviors and the amazing animals.
I choose the shelters with the support of the Jane Goodall Institute and an Animal Communicator in Delhi – Kathmandu ShelterNepal ShelterDelhi ShelterUdaipur Shelter. These 4 shelters are where I feel and can say they love animals, respect them and they are all non-profit shelters. They depend on donations. During my time there I will go to be with them, bring them healing energy and help with money to bring them the support so that they can help even more animals. Every small donation bring us close to what we have believed in – “Respect and Acceptance For All Animals”.

I can’t do it on my own like the owner of the shelters but with the support of YOU we can change in a bigger picture and bring in Peace, Love, Medical support and Hope for many more animals.

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