Did you hear your first answer ‘NO’
that’s not possible?
Did your answer ‘YES’ right away?

I say YES to the question and respect the ones who say NO- that is weird. I can understand your opinion. I am communicating with animal beings since more then 10 years – day in day out. I understand their language and so do you. They have so much life wisdom to share with me and their owners. We actually can learn so much from them when we really take time to listen.
We all came to earth with the ability to understand animals. Feel and see children being with animals..they do understand and talk with them. Be with children, just observe how the animals communicate with them. When the children become teenagers they often lose this ability. The society/schools often don’t value that humans can understand animals. Asked is logic thinking. We get our own pets and it is wonderful to have a companion to cuddle and be together. But do we really understand them? Animals communicate visible in one way we can see a sad animal having tears, invisible are their feelings and with our ears we can listen to their voices that show us excitement, fear or anger.

They have voices.. we need to Tune-In

When I communicate with animals, I feel that I tune in a higher level like to tune in another frequency. I tune into a level where we understand each other. You could compare it with a radio where you look for the right channel. What is most important is that you connect before you start to communicate with your Core Self..your own centre. When you have this deep connection you can connect deep with the animal and you will feel how easy it is.

Start meditating every day and take time for yourself and connect with yourself also by writing down. For example, for what you are daily filled with gratitude. It has also to do with awareness.

Yes, that when you are together with your animal that you are aware of the moment and of you both being together. How often are we with animals, cuddle them but then the daily stress gets more of our attention again.

Deep Connection
Connect with yourself for a couple of days and when you feel connected with yourself, you feel ready for a deep connection with your animal, sit down on the floor when your animal is around..just be.. and when your animal is interested in you .. connects with you…connect back. Be with your animal for at least an half till one hour. When your animal likes this connection, put lightly a hand on his/her back and breathe in the same rhythm. Your animal can be your teacher who helps you in your communication just be open for what happens.

Would be interested to hear from you about your deep connection with your animal!
Thank you for sharing here or write me here – [email protected]