Like you might have seen on my webpage I have 2 dogs Joya, she is 13.5, a wonderful Labrador and Buddy, 8 who is a wonderful Golden Retriever.

Joya is starting to get deaf and blind and is really getting elder. Still she enjoys her food and can play like a puppy when she likes another dog in the park. She starts to cuddle a lot with me. I feel she starts to lose her energy. Buddy is amazing. Joya is like his mother and they really love each other.

Buddy starts to take care of Joya.
When she wants me to let her out in the middle of the night ..he immediately stands up..lays his head, because he can reach me, on my belly and waits till I get up and goes then back to sleep.
Joya has since she is one year old from time to time seizures and had yesterday again one and Buddy otherwise laid always meters away from her. This time he laid behind her so she had his support till I came and did care for her. I love to see that Buddy takes over the care for Joya. Before it was Joya who cared for Buddy.

​Thank you Buddy you are AMAZING! I feel that Joya needs you and you give her exactly the support she needs. I bow my head in respect for you and my heart is filled with love for both of you!