Today, Buddy (my dog) and I went for our daily fitness walk in the early morning.

I was in a rather undesirable mood as I was in thoughts with a previous workshop I had to cancel, and it was really cold this morning.

As we slandered through the parks in our neighbourhood I saw a dog, a Golden Retriever, running straight at me. Her owner was in the background yelling after her. The Golden Retriever came straight to me, ignoring Buddy, lying on her back allowing me to rub her belly. It was miraculous, as I lay my hand on her belly it felt as it if she was pressing her belly again my palms. As soon as I lay my hands on her stomach I could feel the heat in my hands, the healing energy started to flow through my hands onto this dog’s belly.  

The owner now has caught up and advised me that the Golden Retriever is a former rescue dog, a wonderful dog, with a problem in her stomach. This had brought a smile to my face, I now understood why the Golden Retrieve ran towards me. The Golden Retriever, noticing the arrival of its owner, went to the lady speaking to me. The Golden Retriever returned three (3) more times, every time fuelling up on more healing energy. The last time, she came very close before returning  which deeply touched me. As if she said thank you.  

This was the dog’s message and gift to me. I realised I needed to change my focus. I now know that I have to connect first with the animals and request permission to connect them with the humans around them and wether they even wish to converse with us humans. Understanding this will enable me to see my visions through and connect people with animals around the globe.  

I am so thankful for meeting this adorable Golden Retriever. Thanks to this encounter I had a great success in the following Workshop being fully booked, accompanied by my four animals.  

I will now start to connect with as many animals possible and will start to write about the connections on this blog you are reading now.