We live In Switzerland and Christina in Australia. Christina saved our cat already once when she was for a visit in Switzerland last winter. In June this year our cat Sensi  became totally blind from one day to the next. She didn’t see and hear well before. I thought she was already quite blind. But that morning we realized the difference because she ran into everything. Every leg of a chair, against the walls… she was completely unoriented where she was and where she should go to find the places she wanted. Plus she didn’t hear when we called her and wanted to give her signals to follow respectively support her to find her way. It hurt us to watch her. My husband and I were very desperate because it was so sad to watch her. We didn’t know if we have to go to the doctor to put her asleep because she only hurts herself. We looked at that for another 3 days because it is also known that cats and dogs can adapt to blindness until we called Christina. She had helped Sensi at Christmas and we thought we will help the cat for a good palliative care. ( the cat is 20 years old and at that time was 2 kilo because she didn’t eat any more. The doctor thought that may be she has a tumor in her head and was ready to operate her and take out one eye. But we didn’t want to leave our beloved cat to the torture of such an operation and decided to see what happens when Christina gives her treatment/ healing. If she will be better or we help her to have a better leaving of this live. We were just grateful for any extra day) after Christina’s treatment in December Sensi developed so well and we had a wonderful time with her until June when she got worse again.
We were torn between letting her go because it looked so sad and she was irritated and sad. But on the other hand she was eating so well – more than the last years – and enjoyed being petted so much that I decided the best would be to contact Christina who could ask the cat what she wanted.

​How much she suffered….. and whether she wanted to stay alive for herself or whether she had the feeling she should stay for us / and if she wanted to stay knowing that I would be on vacation in July for four weeks. Because due to her age she’s suffering a lot when we are not there. Especially over night. ​ even though this time Christina was not in Switzerland but in Australia.

The result was amazing! Christina had a bigger / longer healing on the first day of her treatments and then three days of communication and healings with the cat and we could really see the difference. It was not that she could see again but Sensi told Christina that she’s trying to take my pain away ( I suffer from Parkinson decease and during the corona time due to lock down I couldn’t go to my usual treatments and my symptoms became worse on top I had a problem with a friend that made me sad) so Sensi wanted to help me or take away my pain. When Christina heard that , she told the cat that it’s not necessary to try to take my pain onto her and that she supports me much more when she is happy. Because I will be happy when she is happy. It was such a relief for me to know that , because then I could also tell Sensi that I am fine and we want her to be happy. The best thing was that Sensi told Christina that she wanted to live and that she’s not just staying because of us .
We really were hoping to keep Sensi but we also didn’t want her to suffer and we told Christina to tell the cat that we would let her go any moment she wants. Sensi told Christina she wants to stay and she has experienced worse things in her life. And that I should let her make her experience by herself and not try to help her to find her way all the time when she runs into things. She wants to find it herself. If she needed help she would let me know Wow! What a message!
But I could see it was true.It was not always easy for me when she was in the middle of the room and didn’t know where to go crashing into the walls and nor finding her way. But when I tried to touch her to help her she was screaming. Like „ leave me alone“ — „ Okay“ I Said „ sorry that I was not respecting what you told Christina“ . It was still difficult for her but she tried. But when she wanted help she was screaming in a different way and I could see what Christina told me from their conversation was 100 % true. The next days Christina aligned her chakras and I could really see a difference in the energy of our lovely cat. Christina additionally had sent me the link for some healing music that she had played to Sensi during the last days. I was wondering when Christina said that the cat liked the music. Because even if I come very close to her she doesn’t hear. But when I let the music play three days after the last treatment with Christina Sensi reacted and got into a more and more relaxed position.

Now we are 6 weeks later and she is still okay. She seems to enjoy the garden, eats very well and in the night and the morning she comes into our bed and we cuddle for a long time. I think all three of us are really happy.

Thank you so much Christina!!!

And should you, reading this, have a problem with your pet of whatever kind I highly recommend you to ask Christina for her help. She has the gift as well as knowledge and experience to communicate with the animals and understand very fast what treatment is of help. I am convinced her deep love of the animals makes her the wonderful communicator and healer she is.

Susanne Basel , Switzerland