We met Christina in September of 2018 in Indonesia and felt an immediate connection with her.  As we became more acquainted, we shared with her some issues we were having with our dogs.  We have two male Shorkies who are two-year-old littermates.  One was bullying the other and their alpha and bravo personalities were beginning to become very evident.  Christina was able to connect with both of them and guide us through their behavioral issues.  She recommended several different ways of handing situations that allowed us to have a much more harmonious life with them. When the time came for us to move from Hawaii to Germany, Christina was there with them connecting pre-flight, during the flight, and then once they arrived and settled in.  Being able to understand the root of their individual behaviors was a watershed moment for us, but knowing that someone was with them through the traumatic 48 hours of travel, was even more reassuring.  I am thrilled to report that all is well in Germany and the brothers are closer and more loving with each other than ever before. 

I owe this to Christina and her keen insight into the minds of animals.  We are forever grateful.

Wayne and Mary Wiesbaden, Germany