Thank you so much for taking the time and respect to do your session with Leo over the past few days.

It was so comforting to receive the feedback that most of what I felt was the truth for him was expressed in his own words. I now realise I need to slow down my mind and trust more because I feel that he has been trying to tell me these things for a while, but your help certainly made sure he was heard and offered me a lot of confidence to head out in the right direction with my little superstar.

I spent some time with Leo last night and used your advice to try to convey to him that I had spoken with you and received his words. I am sure he totally understood because he didn’t break eye contact and started licking and chewing as I was “talking” with him. I then expressed that I was there just to see him and hang out. He followed me around the paddock and loved the extra attention.

It brought back memories of when I was younger and would hand out all day with my horse, cleaning paddocks and waters and just being around. Somewhere along the way as an adult other things become more important and even when I am with Leo I am often busy in my mind about the next thing I need to do, or the next thing he should learn and so on. I have made a promise to empty my mind and be more available to Leo, and to act on his requests (demands? LOL).

Thanks again Christina. Everyone whom I have so far shared his reading with have been pleasantly surprised, especially as it really SOUNDS like him!Have a wonderful day and I hope to cross paths again soon!

Courtney, Leo, WA, Australia