All I can say is wow! Christina was amazing in getting into my little Ruby’s head and getting to the bottom of some concerns I had. The main reason I enlisted Christina to help me was to establish what exactly was the problem with Ruby’s right hind leg. We had been told she needed expensive surgery, however I had huge reservations for a number of reasons and asked Christina to see if she could ask Ruby what the problem was.

Christina managed to communicate with Ruby and also to go into Ruby’s body and view the area concerned. Christina also asked Ruby whether she felt she should have surgery or not. The result of this communication was that we decided not to expose Ruby to this invasive surgery. Also Christina managed to provide me with a message and information from Ruby that gave me great piece of mind.

Within weeks of this communication, Ruby made amazing progress and recovered from her leg issue without any invasive procedures at all. Preventing Ruby going through unnecessary trauma and not to mention the fact that we avoided a huge vet bill!

Christina you are amazing and have a beautiful gift.

Thank you

Ruby and Dayna Perth, WA