Animals are loyal and lving

A couple of weeks ago, we had a donkey emergency. I came home from work to find Astro’s fly veil stuck half way down his face, cutting across his eyes. When I took it off, I realise both his eyes were swollen and he couldn’t see.
I wrote to Christina straight away, asking if she could connect with him. Christina communicated with him a number of times and was integral to, not only his healing, but also my ability to understand why a vet was needed. She also communicated what was happening for Astro (and why) and shared with me a very powerful healing process that I also could do with Astro.
Before I write further about Astro’s eyes, I would like to explain that this beautiful donkey has had several health ailments in the past month or so and has seemed very ‘heavy’ in his energy. I felt that something big was going on for him but I didn’t know what it was.
Through Christina’s communications it became clear that he was taking on my stress and was worried for me. He thought I had let go of my dreams and was going in a direction that wasn’t good for me. It is true that I have had a lot of stress around money and have had to work a lot in the past few weeks/have been completely out of balance. I did not realise my actions, and energy, were affecting this beautiful, spiritual donkey in such a negative way.
I wrote a message for Astro that Christina shared with him, stating that he does not need to take on my stress-that I have to work a lot to pay for car damage and that it won’t be for long. I shared all the exciting things that are happening that he didn’t know about and helped him restore faith that everything would be ok. I let him know how much I loved him and that what I wanted was for him to be healthy and happy.

His relief, and release, from the baggage he was carrying for me, was palpable. His energy lightened and he slept and slept and slept. I mean, he slept for what seemed like days! It was like he finally felt that it was ok to ‘let go’ of what he was holding for me and in doing that, he needed deep recovery and rest. Now, several weeks later, I have a donkey that is back to being his super spunky self. His eyes are clear, his spirit is soaring, he is playing and has even lost weight…..he seems altogether lighter! I cannot tell you what a joy it is for me to see him return to this state of being.
Now, returning to Astro’s swollen eyes: When Christina first connected with Astro, she felt that his right eye was very hot and painful. She did healing in both eyes and felt that he needed medication from the vet for the pain in his right eye. She did a healing process with Astro that took him back to before the veil accident happened and made it that the accident didn’t happen. She also did deep meditations with him where he could let go of the burden and had healed eyes.

In the second communication Christina did with Astro, she shared my message with him (and relayed his message back to me) but also did further healing on his eye. The pain in his eye had reduced by this communication. It was even further reduced after a meditation and trauma therapy which allowed Astro to shake off the veil accident and fill up with trust and love again. This communication also allowed Christina to let Astro know the vet was coming and Astro could say what he needed me to do to support him through the vet visit.

The vet arrived in the afternoon, after Christina had done two communications with Astro plus healing tune ins on his eyes. Astro was sedated and stain was put in his eye to see if there was damage. In his right eye, there was a shallow eye ulcer that the vet said “looked like it was healing
itself”. Apparently eye ulcers are incredibly painful and Asto was given pain relief as well as ointment.

Over the next few days, Astro allowed me to put the ointment in his eye as needed and give him pain relief. Christina continued to connect with him to check in with his healing progress and explain to him why certain things were happening. Each day, I continued with the healing process Christina had given us and lay healing energy on Astro’s eyes. Each day, his eye got better until it was fully healed.

I share this story of my precious Astro as a testimony to Christina’s amazing abilities as an animal communicator and healer. Her deep care and love of animals and their wellbeing shines through every time I ask her to connect with my herd family and I am always blown away by the positive shifts that occur through communications with Christina. I love that Christina has so many healing processes she can utilise to help animals and that she can also help us understand when veterinary assistance is required. I have no doubt that the healing Christina was doing on Astro’s eye was what was helping it to heal before the vet had a chance to come.

I also share this story so that others may be aware that fly veils can cause damage. I had no idea and was happily putting them on my boys who ask for them to be put on when the flies get bad this time of year.
The veil you see here on the picture is a good fly veil to protect his eye after the vet came.
Lastly, I share this story as a reminder that our lives and the way we live and share our energy with each other, affects our animals. Animals are so loyal and so loving and so giving that they often want to take away our pain, stop our suffering, help us reconnect. Often, they carry our burden….a burden that is not theirs to carry…because they love us so much and want what they know is best for us. It is important for us not to ask them to take on our burdens, or feel the need to ‘offload’ on them.

When I go out to the paddock now, I am more conscious of the energy I take out with me than I ever have been before. I thank them for their love. I thank them for looking after themselves. I let them know I am ok, that I am tired but that I’m ok, that I won’t work too much forever. I let them know what I am doing about my dreams. I share with them, not the worries from my human day, but what excites my soul, what lifts me up and gives me hope. I tell them how they are a part of all the good things in my life. And at the beginning and end of every day, I kiss Astro’s eyes. I fill them with love. I put myself in his little hooves and look out on the grassy fields of paradise with clarity and vision.

Andrea, WA, Australia