Palliative Guidance

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Being a supportive guide during this hard and at the same profound time for animal and his/her human being.

This is a time of teamwork between animal, their human/s and me. The animal tells me his/her needs and I pass it on to the owner who then can fulfill the wish if possible.

The animal him/herself can decide when the time came to say goodbye. Animals often want to pass over in dignity and need their time to say goodbye. This is a very deep going time for me together with the animal and his/her human being.

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My guidance during this last phase of your animal’s life is to be there for your animal and you.

We three will be a team. Your animal, you and I will have a lot of contacts. At the end, it might even be daily. I will pass you the answers of your animal to your questions on and you can fulfil his or her desires and needs.

As a psychotherapist and animal communicator, I can guide both of you during this intense last time of your animal’s life.

I have guided a couple of animals. It was amazing to feel by all of them that they know when they are ready to go. The bond between the owner and the animal got often even stronger at the end and to fulfil their desires and needs was essential for the owner and also to be in deep communication with each other.

This work is my niche. I will take your animal as a priority when we start our teamwork together. Be sure that I guide your animal with the deepest respect and love. I have the deepest respect for you as well and look forward to starting as a team with me to be sure that your animal’s needs and wishes are heard.

This offer will be tailor-made for you and your animal after our first communication and connection.

•    Longer dialogue with each other. About your animal, his or her illness and our start of being a team together with your animal to give the best support and to hear what he or she wants and needs. This is free of charge.

•    We will create together a unique process with communication, bodycheck, meditations, music therapy and short tune in’s. ​


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