Animal Communication & Connection

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Listening and connecting to animal beings. Alignment with own Higher Self , tuning into the level of the animals and feeling the presence of the Universe.

Communicating in deep respect with each other, bringing in healing energy and true respect. I feel myself being the bridge between animal beings and human beings and me.

To support you and your animal best I offer an initial deep session (Animal Communication) and after that a booster to help your animal recovering quickly and with ease.

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Animal Communication

  • Connecting and being in deep dialogue with your animal
  • Checking the CHAKRAS and clear them if necessary
  • Getting his/her answers by asking your questions (max 5)
  • Choosing the right healing music, and send you the link for later references
  • Checking your animal’s body from the in- and outside
  • Tailor made meditation for your animal
  • Healing energy given to your animal in and out  the body
  • Skype with you

Tune In – Booster: Focus on healing energy after the initial communication

This is a refresher – booster: After the initial session with your animal from the outside and inside I feel what is going on in his or her body. I will send healing energy to the parts of the body that need pure healing energy. Will also include healing energy in the meditation and might send you a music link with healing music for your animal to listen to. This is all included in the first communication I have with your animal.

Sometimes that might be not enough and I will suggest you to see the vet or an osteopath or Bowen therapist to remove stronger tension and blockades.

My healing work is sometimes layer work – look at an onion ..layer after layer… till I reach the centre/the source of the problem. It needs sometimes more as one treatment of my healing energy. It can also be that a trauma blocks the healing and I would need to do trauma therapy that didn’t showed up in the first communication.

We can repeat this as often as your animal needs to have the support on the way of healing.

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Animal Communication – Initial Session, Animal Communication – Tune In


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