“Christina creates a haven through her training; a sanctuary that holds space for profoundly deep experiences of awakening and growth. Through inspired, deeply visualised sessions, Christina connects us with what is always waiting for us beyond the ‘everyday survival’ mode that can so easily take over-she helps us to reconnect with our true being and the abundant interconnectedness of all species.
Having recently journeyed through level 2 with Christina, I feel so incredibly touched and honoured to be learning from such a gracious, humble, intuitive and supportive woman. Christina shared with us the ‘tools’ she uses to deepen her connection with animals through various stages of their life, including palliative care. It was very moving to learn how to help guide animals (and their owners) during this stage. I also loved learning about how to bring in meditation with animals-and how this can bring animals a sense of freedom, joy and peace.
Many times during the training I was moved to tears-by the trust and courage shown by each member of the group, by the animals that so beautifully chose to share with us, by the awe inspiring communications and meditations I had with other species and for Christina’s support in finding our individual way forward as animal communicators. Her ability to actively listen to everything we share and give powerful, loving feedback has really helped me to commit to my animal communication journey and believe.
Completing the training at Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary was such a gift. To be surrounded by animals that know how loved they are, how listened to they are, how much their life matters was unbelievably touching. I cannot express the joy I felt at seeing, feeling and hearing animals knowing they could express themselves openly and be exactly who they are. Possum Valley is a truly remarkable place and I cannot wait to return.
Thank you Christina for such a transformative experience through level 2 training. I cannot see a better way to a more compassionate, kind world than to continue to learn to listen to, respect and understand our fellow beings here on this planet. I look forward to Level 3.”

Andrea Jenkins  Perth, Australia