“Choosing to join Christina Burki’s workshop was a spontaneous decision when I met her through a mutual friend.  I’m so glad I followed my intuition and jumped in as I learnt a lot, met wonderful people and became more confident in my ability to communicate with animals!

Christina has created a fabulous step-by-step course, ‘Animal Connection and Communication Training’, to teach people how to communicate with animals.  Here she helps to reawaken innate knowledge and gently guides and encourages her students to find their own style and communication ‘voice’.
Each of our seven meetings of the course was well-crafted, with thoughtful touches which never ceased to surprise and delight us.  As I look back, I realise that there was huge variety packed into each of our classes and none of them were ever the same!

We were given comprehensive notes at each meeting, which were used to guide the direction and flow of our lessons and went on to serve as the basis for our personal study over the following month.

As a Gestalt therapist Christina is skilled at holding space, which I felt she did beautifully for her students, allowing us all to grow in confidence as we developed our skills.
The course is content rich and effective in teaching the art of communication, as well as facilitating personal change and growth in the participants.  There is both structure and flow to the training and I loved it.

Christina is a fabulous person, generous, supportive and knowledgeable and she was a wonderful facilitator, guide and mentor on my animal communication journey.  Thank you Christina for creating this course and sharing your gift so more of us can help our animal friends and be a bridge for the humans that love them.”

Helen Walker Perth, Australia