On the 18th of January we had our second animal communication workshop day, starting the year with a bang. It was wonderful to see the other participants again, since we last saw each other in the previous decade, happy 2020 and new decade everybody!

We began with checking in our state of being and sharing with the group how we are faring. A lot of pain and hurt came to the surface that had occurred in the past: the huge amount of animal beings who died in the fires, and it was wonderful to see that the group is able to listen and support each other. After a grounding exercise, dancing to grounding music and an deepgoing I AM meditation we had a lovely tea break where we further bonded. Christina set her workshop up to first allow us to break through barriers we hold within ourselves to a connection and communication with another being before guiding us to actually learn the art of animal communication.

In the second half of the workshop it was the time we connected with animals, this time with our own animals of which we had to bring with us a image from our animal that we wished to connect with as in order to communicate with them telephonically we do not need them to be there in physical form. We performed a gratitude exercise to establish a connection which is already a form of communication. As tears flowed Christinas cat came in and went to comfort the participant who was deeply grateful and missing her cat, what a touching moment.

I am really looking forward to the next workshop and to dive deeper, hopefully connecting more and holding my first communication where I can “hear” the animal respond.