Animal Communication & Connection – Level 1

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The training consist of  7 sessions that are scheduled over 7 months.
We decide as group the dates of the next 6 sessions.

First Session: Postponed to early 2023 due to illness. More details to follow.
Place: Quinns Rocks

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Training Overview

  • Peek into my Animal Communication training
  • Animal Communication training overview
  • About my Animal Communication training

I believe that we all were born with the gift to understand animal beings. While growing up most of us didn’t use this gift, but the potential is still there! In my training you can regain your ability to understand animals.
Often, we are not connected with ourselves. How can we then expect to connect with animals? We therefore focus in the first two sessions on the connection with our Self.

In the second session we start with connecting with an animal of your choice.  Later you will have the opportunity to communicate with other animals including horses during our day out.
In this training you will also come in touch with your unique healing energy and your ability to pass it on to animal beings.
To help you integrate the learnings into your life and experience the transformation of your connection with animals, you will be offered activities to do between the sessions.
An integral part of all my sessions are tailor made meditations.

At the end of the over 7 months Level 1 journey you will receive a certificate testifying that you absolved the basic Animal Communication Training.
What do you get out of my Training?

  • Connection with your Self
  • Trust in yourself and the animal beings
  • Understanding and deep connection with animals
  • Connection with nature
  • Activating your own gift to heal animals

Be assured, by starting this training your transformation has begun.

I look forward to connecting with you!


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