My Vision

Christina's visionAs Animal Communicator, I am certain that animal beings have feelings like you and I have too. They want love and real connections with you and I. Unfortunately often animal beings are treated as machines. Examples: to win money for people in the racing industry, as laboratory animals or they end in slaughterhouses. Animal beings deserve their rights and dignity back by showing them our respect, love and acceptance.  As a psychotherapist I am also aware that many people lost their connection with their own inner-selves. They don’t know who they really are and what they need, simply following the norm of the society surrounding them at the present moment. 

By bringing them in deep connection with their Core Self they will know who they truly are, what they really want and they can connect on another level with the human beings and animal beings experiencing true living and freedom. It happened already that I’ve started as animal communicator with an animal being and ended up as the owner’s psychotherapist. At the end there was such a change and I can see the intense bond they share which was truly touching!

I feel myself as a bridge between us human beings and the animal beings, allowing the owners to understand what the animal beings feel and need. I know that it doesn’t actually need me in this process as it should be the normal way however today our society does not value this gift. My vision is that human beings start to rediscover themselves and their connection with animal beings. Animal being can help you discover new values and a new horizon: They have a wisdom that will enrich us! 

When I think of the fulfilment of my vision I see animal being and people living peacefully together in a way of ACCEPTANCE, FREEDOM and DIGNITY.